Tuesday, 9 August 2011

When I was a teenage WHOREE

I have an undying love for Courtney Love. I love love Courtney Love. I think shes pretty fly.. it's kind of an extension of my love for Nirvana come Foo Fighters. Strange musical genius links but hey I digress.
This is really about Meadham Kirchhoff Autumn/Winter 2011! The inspiration was Riot Grrrl, mainly Bikini Kill. I'd say that was a totally legit thing to base a clothing line on.

I love the way Meadham Kirchhoff create their garments. Their recent page in LOVE mag was truly inspirational. I like all their angst-y feelings towards the world. Their other collections have been full of crazy technicolor hair styles and self expressive ensembles. This one is much darker. I always feel they relate to school days, neither of them had good school lives, and a lot of it shows in their work.
It's all like a giant bundle of angst and anger. It's that stage in school, (if you hate school that is) where you completely distance yourself from people and are in a rather strangely dark place, and you rebel and wear black and listen to heavy music.. anyway.. not trying to make anything sound ridiculously emo. 
They have this great personal identity vibe, the black roots of the models, the black shades, and low peaked hats hiding any emotions. 
The knee high crochet socks and pointed shoes are like 90's school girl rebel. It also has that medieval witch pagan feel, pinny-fore style dresses, assortment of chains and crosses, and an actual witch in the menswear. 
I will definitely be styling this collection in my own way ( maybe to the city tomorrow).. black with major color clash and gold. with a sullen face, (bitch face anyone?) and wearing shades so I don't have to conform to making eye contact with any of the people in street trying too sell me a mortgage. 
 The center pieces look like someone looked into my mind found my dream bedroom and glued it to a fence. (gonna go out an buy crazy coloured roses and candles and turn my room into a cave)

Theres just something pretty cool about crazy girls in bands wearing studs and crucifixes .

Got this one stuck on my wall. If you want to join me (virtually of course)  with my Meadham Kirchhoff love fest. Put their show photos on a slide show on your computer, make a playlist full of Bikini Kill, Hole, The Pixies, Nirvana, Alice In Chains,  Sex Pistols, any thing Riot Grrrl,and you're set. If you wanna go all out, light a bunch of candles, sprinkle petals on your floor and hang some flowers and crucifixes from your ceiling.