Tuesday, 18 October 2011

nothing beats a teenage cliche

The past few weeks have been spent slaving over school work and GCSE controlled assessments. Not to mention petty high school drama but you know the story. advocates of mean girls type situation?
Nothing is easy at an all girls school, plus sides mean you can sometimes get away with a skip in the hair washing routine, no make up is a usual and you can often burp without heads turning in disgust (though it is not encouraged). The downsides more than often outweigh, high levels of hormones, more cliques than Tim Walker < see what I did there? and of course competitiveness, in many a petty things. A small disagreement between cliques often gets out of hand as it did this term, between my group of friends and another.
It got me thinking about cliches. Everyone thinks they are different, original. Myself included in this. Everyone is different but people tend to go two ways, with the system or against the system. Neither is worse than the other. Talking more about clothing choices than anything.
You may think you are different and original wearing what you wear, if you choose to dress as a clown and claim you are a non conformer in your group of non conforming clowns, then you are conforming to the ways of your group. If you truly want to be original you have to dress for yourself, don't go along with what everyone is doing, what your friends are wearing. Dress in what you love, what you feel suits you and of course remember to not give a fuck what others think. Everyone is a cliche because nothing is new. Everything has had inspiration from past things, even if you think is hasn't.

Bought this postcard simply for the main girls expression

I went on a personal shop today and found the most beautiful vintage boutique in the Arcade which I must have walked past about 50 times! It had so many little trinkets and bags and clothes and patterns. There was pretty much a whole Penny Lane Boutique in there! They had Mary Quant tights too, in the original packets, which made my mum feel nostalgic when I sent her a photo. Obviously from now on my blog will be inundated with posts regarding my spending in the store, but today I was very short on cash so only able to pick up four post cards for inspiration and probably future collages and a detachable collar.

I may even ask the store owner if I can do a piece on the shop. I spend about 40 minutes in there getting lost in all the different things, It was that feeling you get when you discover your Nans wardrobe and jewellery boxes and rummage around, throwing on any thing and pretend you're Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland, or was that just me?
As if the shop wasn't perfect enough it also has a mens section and is situated perfectly between an old book store and my favourite cafe in Cardiff! Heaven. 
The cafe is beautiful in Autumn/Winter when the windows get frost upstairs and you can look out onto the Arcade. 
Hope everyones Autumn is going wonderfully! Until next time x


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