Wednesday, 19 October 2011

school guuurls

I've never been a fan of my school uniform, though many a times I have found myself styling a similar look in my everyday clothes. My uniform consists or a terribly shaped maroon pleated kilt. Let me stress kilt because skirts are far prettier. Awhite shirt, navy V neck jumper and huge, clumpy, disgusting, paint covered blazer. (I always forgot to take it off in art and I'm very 'expressive' in such a lesson as my tutor would say)
Some of my favourite 'go to' outfits are pleated skirts, white shirts and/or blazers and jumpers. Today was one of these days.
After being gifted some over the knee, cream socks yesterday. I obviously had to wear them straight away. My initial thoughts where Meadham Kirchhoff esque with a doll like dress but it was far to cold for any of my dresses today. So I went to my safe outfit, 'pleat skirt plus white shirt'.

Already sensing the school girl in me. Again I mention the sheer cold that was endured today. Perfectly blue skies but actual frost on the ground. The jumper went on next, navy and black (school uniform replica? I think I'm set in my ways after 9 years at this school) I did put on black loafers but thought it was a bit prim and polished for me so on went the bottle green doc martens. I felt like I'd been subconsciously missing school after 5 days of half term. Truth is I've just taken inspiration from cool school girls.

I've always fancied being a Lisbon. An innocent seeming school girl, mysterious and total bad ass. Truth be told I did feel like a serious RIOT GRRRL in my boots today. So noisy and clumpy, I just wanted to scream and stamp along to the Sex Pistols.

Obviously the over the knee socks were a homage to Clueless!

And of course the collar!

and though we all bitch and moan about Tavi, I even got inspiration from her!


wikigirl said...

I adored my school uniform,my name is Madeline and my uniform looked eerily similar to Madeline from the book!

Just wanted to let you know that we have Wikifashion blog badges, if you'd like one?

Jessamyn Read said...

So glad I found this blog, in love!

florence grace said...

Awh I loved the Madeline uniform! The little hats were so nice :) I have badge now! Thank you :) and thank you Jessamyn your blog is so lovely! x

Sarah Et Paris said...

I love the whole rebel high school look these photo's have in common. You have two of my favorite movies posted, awesome photo's. I actually want my school to have uniforms!

New follower :)

Erica said...

lovee that skirt!


florence grace said...

thank you all! :)

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