Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I said to myself that I wouldn't neglect this blog, but here we are again. Only 9 posts in and the most recent being 4 months ago, I have to say I'm not staying true.
As it's the Easter holidays, (revision?) I thought I would try and spur myself into the mood of actually producing a good blogspot. I reorganised my room into something a little more chic and tasteful. For the past 2 months the dusting has been untouched and every spare space has been filled with random text books and pieces of paper that I'm too disorganised to file away properly.
The sun had made it's way through the rain clouds, and so it was time for a fresh, spring clean.
 My last day of 'freedom' this holiday, as I should revise sometime, was spent with two of my good friends, Amy and Luke, in Cardiff. It wasn't the most successful of trips to say the least. After dreaming of finding the perfect dungaree dress, I walked into Urban Outfitters and it was there, right there. Even at a stupid price, thanks UO, I deemed it reasonable a) because I've wanted one for so long and b) it was right there in front of me.

As today was beautiful and it's meant to snow tomorrow, I thought I better try it out.

This is the result of not documental outfits for a good while.
-Vintage Blouse
-Urban Outfitters Renewal Dungaree Dress
-Topshop Boots
-Topshop and Accessorise Jewellery

I've also developed I little bit of a love for eye(jewellery)
Before christmas I saw the eye ring in Topshop but it had gone when I went back to buy it! Alas.
It's all now back in stock, So i got the ring, the necklace and in my head i got the earrings but I haven't got my ears pierced in real life...

Silver Band and Braid Rings from Accessorise
Eye Ring from Topshop

See you in four months!


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