Friday, 29 July 2011

I honestly hate titling posts..

I always find it really unsatisfying titling the post literally, it's basically spoiling the whole post in a sentence, but I can never for the life of me think up a witty and interesting title that isn't a representation on the post. I'll probably get better as I blog more though ( I can only hope)

I woke surprisingly early today, with out an alarm may I add, for no reason. It was quite nice really waking up at 9am and making my own breakfast, not exactly haute cuisine but nothing like a bit of toast and tea. I'm off the The Home Of Irish cider tomorrow, Clonmel if you didn't know... It's not a holiday, I think thats some thing to be glad about no offense Clonmel, but it's a 1 day Morgan event and my mother, father, 3 of his colleagues and myself have to drive to Ireland, (Joy!) In three, 2 seater cars..
Therefore I wont be blogging here nor tumblr but I'll tweet!  After the said event.. I will be spending a week with my sister in Swansea, (this I will enjoy). So I wont be blogging for a further 8 or more days.

By the by I have let my creative juices flow the past two days, after 3 weeks of very unproductive TV watching, procrastination and making cupcakes for my brother..(including a Devon trip in between)
Purchasing 3 new moleskine Cahiers does give me the want to just become Tim Walker or Andy Warhol or Alexander McQueen or dare I saw JK Rowling and create beautiful works of art and fashion and literature and fill it with beautiful photos..
alas I can not be so wonderfully creative with such books.. I tend to draw an inanimate object and then later hate it and rip it out, but hosting the fact I have three whole moleskines, 
one is serving as a diary come planner come to do list come notes on trees, book...(I am terribly indecisive on the determined use of one book)
the other is a fashion inspirations, arty, collage book.. Thus far I've done 2 pages


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