Thursday, 28 July 2011

nostalgia strikes when I get out old pictures...

Feeling pretty innovative and creative with this blog, making the title orange font. I'll probably just find a photo of me looking like a total dork in my orange jumper and use that as a header later. (when I feel like it) At that stage in my life I was even more of a nerdy looking human, I had these glasses that where just pretty awesome. 
You know when you go to spec savers and you get all the fancy ones by boss and they cost around £100 or some dumb amount like that because they are the 'nice' (used loosely) glasses. I never got a 'nice' pair of glasses, I have the free section, fair enough I wouldn't have paid £100 for the 'nice' glasses. I only ever had this one style because my head was way to fat at that time, they were always oval or round and had a strange almost tortoiseshell rim to them but it was usually golden or purple, very psychedelic. Though I look back now and I did look pretty cool, even as a nerd.  
I was even stylish enough to wear rose tinted specs. I think I was forever destined to grow up to be a lame hipster cliche... especially being obsessed with the pixies at aged 6..there was no hope for me to ever grow up and be 'mainstream' 
Pretty sure I'm done talking about my glasses. 


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