Wednesday, 19 October 2011

school guuurls

I've never been a fan of my school uniform, though many a times I have found myself styling a similar look in my everyday clothes. My uniform consists or a terribly shaped maroon pleated kilt. Let me stress kilt because skirts are far prettier. Awhite shirt, navy V neck jumper and huge, clumpy, disgusting, paint covered blazer. (I always forgot to take it off in art and I'm very 'expressive' in such a lesson as my tutor would say)
Some of my favourite 'go to' outfits are pleated skirts, white shirts and/or blazers and jumpers. Today was one of these days.
After being gifted some over the knee, cream socks yesterday. I obviously had to wear them straight away. My initial thoughts where Meadham Kirchhoff esque with a doll like dress but it was far to cold for any of my dresses today. So I went to my safe outfit, 'pleat skirt plus white shirt'.

Already sensing the school girl in me. Again I mention the sheer cold that was endured today. Perfectly blue skies but actual frost on the ground. The jumper went on next, navy and black (school uniform replica? I think I'm set in my ways after 9 years at this school) I did put on black loafers but thought it was a bit prim and polished for me so on went the bottle green doc martens. I felt like I'd been subconsciously missing school after 5 days of half term. Truth is I've just taken inspiration from cool school girls.

I've always fancied being a Lisbon. An innocent seeming school girl, mysterious and total bad ass. Truth be told I did feel like a serious RIOT GRRRL in my boots today. So noisy and clumpy, I just wanted to scream and stamp along to the Sex Pistols.

Obviously the over the knee socks were a homage to Clueless!

And of course the collar!

and though we all bitch and moan about Tavi, I even got inspiration from her!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

nothing beats a teenage cliche

The past few weeks have been spent slaving over school work and GCSE controlled assessments. Not to mention petty high school drama but you know the story. advocates of mean girls type situation?
Nothing is easy at an all girls school, plus sides mean you can sometimes get away with a skip in the hair washing routine, no make up is a usual and you can often burp without heads turning in disgust (though it is not encouraged). The downsides more than often outweigh, high levels of hormones, more cliques than Tim Walker < see what I did there? and of course competitiveness, in many a petty things. A small disagreement between cliques often gets out of hand as it did this term, between my group of friends and another.
It got me thinking about cliches. Everyone thinks they are different, original. Myself included in this. Everyone is different but people tend to go two ways, with the system or against the system. Neither is worse than the other. Talking more about clothing choices than anything.
You may think you are different and original wearing what you wear, if you choose to dress as a clown and claim you are a non conformer in your group of non conforming clowns, then you are conforming to the ways of your group. If you truly want to be original you have to dress for yourself, don't go along with what everyone is doing, what your friends are wearing. Dress in what you love, what you feel suits you and of course remember to not give a fuck what others think. Everyone is a cliche because nothing is new. Everything has had inspiration from past things, even if you think is hasn't.

Bought this postcard simply for the main girls expression

I went on a personal shop today and found the most beautiful vintage boutique in the Arcade which I must have walked past about 50 times! It had so many little trinkets and bags and clothes and patterns. There was pretty much a whole Penny Lane Boutique in there! They had Mary Quant tights too, in the original packets, which made my mum feel nostalgic when I sent her a photo. Obviously from now on my blog will be inundated with posts regarding my spending in the store, but today I was very short on cash so only able to pick up four post cards for inspiration and probably future collages and a detachable collar.

I may even ask the store owner if I can do a piece on the shop. I spend about 40 minutes in there getting lost in all the different things, It was that feeling you get when you discover your Nans wardrobe and jewellery boxes and rummage around, throwing on any thing and pretend you're Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland, or was that just me?
As if the shop wasn't perfect enough it also has a mens section and is situated perfectly between an old book store and my favourite cafe in Cardiff! Heaven. 
The cafe is beautiful in Autumn/Winter when the windows get frost upstairs and you can look out onto the Arcade. 
Hope everyones Autumn is going wonderfully! Until next time x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

When I was a teenage WHOREE

I have an undying love for Courtney Love. I love love Courtney Love. I think shes pretty fly.. it's kind of an extension of my love for Nirvana come Foo Fighters. Strange musical genius links but hey I digress.
This is really about Meadham Kirchhoff Autumn/Winter 2011! The inspiration was Riot Grrrl, mainly Bikini Kill. I'd say that was a totally legit thing to base a clothing line on.

I love the way Meadham Kirchhoff create their garments. Their recent page in LOVE mag was truly inspirational. I like all their angst-y feelings towards the world. Their other collections have been full of crazy technicolor hair styles and self expressive ensembles. This one is much darker. I always feel they relate to school days, neither of them had good school lives, and a lot of it shows in their work.
It's all like a giant bundle of angst and anger. It's that stage in school, (if you hate school that is) where you completely distance yourself from people and are in a rather strangely dark place, and you rebel and wear black and listen to heavy music.. anyway.. not trying to make anything sound ridiculously emo. 
They have this great personal identity vibe, the black roots of the models, the black shades, and low peaked hats hiding any emotions. 
The knee high crochet socks and pointed shoes are like 90's school girl rebel. It also has that medieval witch pagan feel, pinny-fore style dresses, assortment of chains and crosses, and an actual witch in the menswear. 
I will definitely be styling this collection in my own way ( maybe to the city tomorrow).. black with major color clash and gold. with a sullen face, (bitch face anyone?) and wearing shades so I don't have to conform to making eye contact with any of the people in street trying too sell me a mortgage. 
 The center pieces look like someone looked into my mind found my dream bedroom and glued it to a fence. (gonna go out an buy crazy coloured roses and candles and turn my room into a cave)

Theres just something pretty cool about crazy girls in bands wearing studs and crucifixes .

Got this one stuck on my wall. If you want to join me (virtually of course)  with my Meadham Kirchhoff love fest. Put their show photos on a slide show on your computer, make a playlist full of Bikini Kill, Hole, The Pixies, Nirvana, Alice In Chains,  Sex Pistols, any thing Riot Grrrl,and you're set. If you wanna go all out, light a bunch of candles, sprinkle petals on your floor and hang some flowers and crucifixes from your ceiling.

Friday, 29 July 2011

I honestly hate titling posts..

I always find it really unsatisfying titling the post literally, it's basically spoiling the whole post in a sentence, but I can never for the life of me think up a witty and interesting title that isn't a representation on the post. I'll probably get better as I blog more though ( I can only hope)

I woke surprisingly early today, with out an alarm may I add, for no reason. It was quite nice really waking up at 9am and making my own breakfast, not exactly haute cuisine but nothing like a bit of toast and tea. I'm off the The Home Of Irish cider tomorrow, Clonmel if you didn't know... It's not a holiday, I think thats some thing to be glad about no offense Clonmel, but it's a 1 day Morgan event and my mother, father, 3 of his colleagues and myself have to drive to Ireland, (Joy!) In three, 2 seater cars..
Therefore I wont be blogging here nor tumblr but I'll tweet!  After the said event.. I will be spending a week with my sister in Swansea, (this I will enjoy). So I wont be blogging for a further 8 or more days.

By the by I have let my creative juices flow the past two days, after 3 weeks of very unproductive TV watching, procrastination and making cupcakes for my brother..(including a Devon trip in between)
Purchasing 3 new moleskine Cahiers does give me the want to just become Tim Walker or Andy Warhol or Alexander McQueen or dare I saw JK Rowling and create beautiful works of art and fashion and literature and fill it with beautiful photos..
alas I can not be so wonderfully creative with such books.. I tend to draw an inanimate object and then later hate it and rip it out, but hosting the fact I have three whole moleskines, 
one is serving as a diary come planner come to do list come notes on trees, book...(I am terribly indecisive on the determined use of one book)
the other is a fashion inspirations, arty, collage book.. Thus far I've done 2 pages

Thursday, 28 July 2011

nostalgia strikes when I get out old pictures...

Feeling pretty innovative and creative with this blog, making the title orange font. I'll probably just find a photo of me looking like a total dork in my orange jumper and use that as a header later. (when I feel like it) At that stage in my life I was even more of a nerdy looking human, I had these glasses that where just pretty awesome. 
You know when you go to spec savers and you get all the fancy ones by boss and they cost around £100 or some dumb amount like that because they are the 'nice' (used loosely) glasses. I never got a 'nice' pair of glasses, I have the free section, fair enough I wouldn't have paid £100 for the 'nice' glasses. I only ever had this one style because my head was way to fat at that time, they were always oval or round and had a strange almost tortoiseshell rim to them but it was usually golden or purple, very psychedelic. Though I look back now and I did look pretty cool, even as a nerd.  
I was even stylish enough to wear rose tinted specs. I think I was forever destined to grow up to be a lame hipster cliche... especially being obsessed with the pixies at aged 6..there was no hope for me to ever grow up and be 'mainstream' 
Pretty sure I'm done talking about my glasses.